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Privacy and GDPR

Transparency and digital security are important principles of AthenaSummary's services. These aspects are reflected in this Privacy Statement, and we attach great importance to creating a clear picture with regard to the handling of your personal data. In this Privacy Statement we will inform you of this.
Article 1 – Definitions
1.1 Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy.
1.2 Website: https://athenasummary.nl
1.3 User: any user of the Website and our services.
1.4 Responsible party: AthenaSummary is the data controller and is located at Herengracht 456, 1017 CA Amsterdam. You can reach us by e-mail at info@athenasummary.nl
1.5 Personal data: the information specified in this statement with regard to the identifiable natural person.
Article 2 - Secure data transfer
All Personal Data we collect is well secured. With the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), we have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures against the use, destruction, loss, alteration, misuse or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. In addition, your data is encrypted and AthenaSummary uses stable and secure services and systems.
Article 3 - To whom does this Privacy Statement apply?
This Privacy Statement applies to the persons whose personal data are processed by AthenaSummary:

  • All persons who contact AthenaSummary;
  • All persons who fill in our feedback form/complaints form;
  • Visitors to the AthenaSummary website;
  • Customers of AthenaSummary;
  • Recipients of e-mails from AthenaSummary;
  • Potential customers with whom AthenaSummary has had or is about to have contact with.


Article 4 - Collection of personal data
4.1 AthenaSummary processes Personal Data of a User that are provided by visiting our website, using our services, reading our e-mails, and contacting us.
4.2 We process the following Personal Data provided by you:

  • Contact details and other Personal Data necessary for the performance of our services;
  • Contact Information and other Personal Information provided on the Website or in forms located on the Website;
  • Contact details and other Personal details obtained during introductory talks and events.


4.3 We process the following Personal Data obtained through or created by our website and other electronic technologies: 

  • Your IP address;
  • Your behaviour towards newsletters and other e-mails.  


4.4 On your AthenaSummary account we store the following information about you:

  • Address;
  • Orders;
  • E-mail address; 
  • Age;
  • Name;
  • Sales Invoices. 


Article 5 - Use of Personal Data
5.1 AthenaSummary uses your Personal Data for various purposes, which are set out in this article.
5.2 Your Personal Data will be used for the realization of the (automated) services for which you have given us the assignment.
5.3 Your Personal Data are used for sending informative digital messages about new products. With these messages we will keep you informed about the expansion and improvement of our services and products.
5.4 Your personal data will be used to maintain contact with you about the products purchased from us or to be purchased in the future.
5.5 Your personal data are used to perfect our products and services. Therefore, we may ask you to fill in a feedback form, participation is of course voluntary.
5.6 Your personal data will be used for compliance with legal obligations.
Article 6 - Legal basis for processing
6.1 We never process Personal Data haphazardly; this is done at all times on the basis of one of the legal grounds elaborated in this article.
6.2 We process your Personal Data on the basis of your consent. Your consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked at any time, please contact us.
6.3 We process your Personal Data on the basis of an agreement or at your request before concluding a definitive agreement. Such an agreement is entered into when you use our products.
6.4 We process your Personal Data on the basis of a legal obligation.
6.5 We process your Personal Data on the basis of a legitimate interest. Based on a legitimate interest, we may invite you to certain events of AthenaSummary, for example.
Article 7 - Processing parties
7.1 It is possible that we use service providers (processors) for the processing of Personal Data who process Personal Data on our behalf. We invariably enter into a processing agreement with these service providers; this agreement meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Ordinance (AVG).
7.2 For our automated services we work together with NicOud. In addition, we have collaborations with Printhuus and AthenaStudies and various study associations. When sending e-mails and other promotional material, we use the services offered by Mailchimp.

Article 8 - Change/deletion of personal data
8.1 You have the right to inspect, correct, supplement, delete and protect your Personal Data.
8.2 If you wish to make use of this right, please contact us. We will in principle process your request within one month.
8.3 If your request cannot be processed within one month, we will inform you within that period of the reason for this.
8.4 The information described in this article will be provided free of charge.
Article 9 - Passing on data to third parties
9.1 In certain cases it may be necessary to share your Personal Data with third parties. This of course depends on the circumstances and in such a case we agree that these parties will handle your data with the utmost care and will only use it in accordance with the purpose for which we have obtained your data. In principle, we do not share your data with parties other than NicOud, AthenaStudies and Post NL.
9.2 Your Personal Data will be shared with third parties if this is necessary for the processing of your order.
9.3 Your Personal Data will be shared with third parties if this is necessary to process an application to the Chamber of Commerce, the Land Registry or another business organization.
9.4 Your Personal Data will be shared with third parties if we are obliged to do so on the basis of a court ruling or statutory provision.
9.5 Your Personal Data will never be shared for commercial purposes of third parties.
Article 10 - Storage of personal data
Your Personal Data will be kept by us as identifiable information for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. When storing your Personal Data, we will make every effort to keep the data correct and complete. If information proves to be incorrect or outdated, it will be deleted. As stated earlier in this Privacy Statement, it is also possible to revoke your consent to the retention of the Personal Data. If you revoke this consent, we will proceed to destroy all your stored Personal Data.
Article 11 - Changes to this Privacy Statement
AthenaSummary reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. Any changes will be announced and explained on this page. We advise you to check this page regularly to see if any changes have been made. In case of major changes, we will inform you by e-mail.

This Privacy Statement was last amended on the 8th of March 2023.

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